The aim of this website is to prevent the dispersion of the projects, plans and documents produced by Pietro Porcinai, to conserve and make available the original works, documents, manuscripts, photos and other elements that can enhance knowledge and dissemination of Pietro Porcinai’s ideas, his vision of landscape architecture and his literary works.

Renowned as one of the most outstanding Italian landscape architect of the twentieth century, Pietro Porcinai designed a wide variety of projects on the most diverse scales: gardens and public parks, industrial districts, hotels and tourist villages, motorways and agricultural areas. The hundreds of projects implemented in Italy and abroad comprise the most extraordinary “landscaped” gardens, perfectly integrated within their surroundings and so natural as to appear untouched by human hand.

“Porcinai’s work defies neat summary. Each garden reflects the individuality of the site and client, but it is possible to recognize consistent themes; three of the most important are: the relationship between garden and wider landscapes, the use of natural plant associations and the integration of the swimming pool into the garden.” (Ian J. W. Firth-“Porcinai’s renaissance of the Italian garden”, Landscape Architecture no. 4 . 1984).

Paola Porcinai